torsdag den 30. januar 2014

Through the wonderful online magaine Synchronized Chaos ( I received the book "Ardor" by Janine Canan to review. The following is my experience with reading Janine Canans poems, and as you will discover I very much recommend looking in to Janines work if you're even just a bit interested in poetry. Please enjoy!

Janine Canans book "Ardor" is a beautiful and fantastic collection of ponderous poems with lots of things to think about,  swirled together with a delightful, yet skillful, composition of words arousing a wonderful sense of, as titled, ardor when read. 
Janine Canans poems argues natures needs, longings and pains and explores the spiritual side of womens history and legacy. Several Gods of exotic nature are mentioned throughout the book and lovingly sewn into the poems, serving as steppingstones towards the true meaning of each of the masterfully crafted stanzas. The poems awake a sense of wonder and mysterious curiosity within the reader as they are read, and one can not help but to feel wiser after reading the book "Ardor". 
I feel truly blessed to have had the privelige to review such a wonderful, skillful, joyful and wise book of true ardor.

Read more about Janine Canan and her work at

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