fredag den 29. juni 2012

Om at Være til(Det er ikke nemt)

A wanderer in the night
Not afraid of the fright
He'll keep wandering the whole long night
Just fleeing the light

A stray walking with those who belong
She finds no comfort in these people she's among
She'll be living her whole life, knowing she doesn't belong
She'll never know it's wrong

We're all prisoners of our existence
It's a whirlpool surrounded by an inescapable fence
Everyone should live to know how it makes sense
Alas we are only prisoners of existence

There's a baby being left by his mother
He'll grow up to believe no one cares enough to bother
He'll be anxious to find answers, to find his mother
He knows he'll never be loved by no other

She's an only child, always getting what she wants
She's reckless, but she'll be changed by the next nine months
Because the man she'll run into in the ally knows what he wants
All her life, all she knows, will be torn like fragile bonds

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