mandag den 25. juni 2012

Om Kærlighed og at Kunne

We've been here before
You know as well as I, that we can't pretend no more
Yes, we've had our golden times,
Just like those you hear about in romantic rhymes
But it all just caught up in the end;
All of those small wounds none of us could seem to mend
I won't worry,
I believe it was destined to hurt
But to think all of this just began with a flirt!
I need you to be with me in this
I don't want to forget you, since you were the one to steal my first kiss
No i think we need to act like adults,
You know,
Not just focus on all of our faults
See how i try to work with you?
I sure could use a hand of yours,
Or two
Just help me out
You know I love us
Please stop your fighting and all the big fuss
As I said,
I want us to part with mannes
We can do this,
Although I know we are sinners
But goodbye it is my dear friend and love
I hope you had fun and enjoyed what you got.

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